Do you think I treat my friend as a brother or someone who I am in love love with?

I have a friend who I think is a good person. He is nine (9) years older than me. He always can make me smile, whenever I don't want to. He is funny and smart. He is cute and handsome. I like to make things for him and study with him. He treats me like a child most of the times and it is annoying but it is a little funny. Whenever I looked at him, I always want to laugh. When he gets angry or is arguing, it makes me want to laugh because he looks funny when he is arguing. It feels nice talking to him, when it is just the two of us. But I want to tell him how a good person he is but I can't say it to him in person. But he knows I care about him. Whenever, something good happens to me or I taste something good, I always want to tell him or for him to eat it also.
I have frequent dreams about him. I would dream of him holding my hand, he kissing me on the cheek, talking alone with him , and the two of us on a bicycle together.


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  • It sounds like you guys are close. I don't think I'd really be able to tell without actually seeing you guys together but it sounds like you really like him so there probably would be some flirting going on whether you noticed it or not.

    • We are friends so of course I Iike him. What you mean by flirting? Flirting between me and him together?

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    • I don't like him more than friends because I don't see him in a romantic way

    • So you just want to know if you act like you like him or if you treat him like a brother? Well I think you got your answer XD