Having a Tom Hardy week, so fav movie out of a few options?

Feel free to add others too

  • Bronson
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  • Mad Max/Fury Road
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  • Warrior
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  • Dark Knight Rises
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  • Peaky Blunders ( t. v )
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  • Child 44
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  • Lawless
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Batman!
    Also Scenes of a Sexual Nature, also the silly comedy I saw him in... =)

    • Think " This means war " is the comedy..
      Impressed he put on 30 pounds for batman, living the dream haha

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    • Not sure, and I don't think so... Get onto season 2 of peaky blinders, he is an animal :)

    • Thank you!. =)

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  • Child 44 is good but not dissapointed when you have read the book

    • I'll check the book out, cheers