If I go with him to this party will he think im interested?

Im an volunteer and this guy that also work there has been a bit chatty lately.. we just met on tuseday, but he messaged me the second i accepted his friend request on facebook, and kept talking and trying to keep the convo going, inviting me to things, asking me when i was going to work etc.

I dont like talking to people i barely know online because i find it awkward and i never know what to talk about, so i was trying to rap it up by giving him answers that kinda stoped the convo, but he would just try to find other things to talk about.

Anyway, there is going to be this party this Saturday and i would like to go, but non of my friend are party people, so i would have to ask other some people i know (dont want to do that because i acted weird last time i drank with them lol) or just not go. But he asked me if i was going, and im tempted to say i am, in hopes of him inviting me to go with him.

Should i do it? When i have told people about his behaviore most people say that they think he's interested in being more then friends, and i dont want to lead him on


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  • just don't drink if you do not want to. You will get shit from some people though for not drinking at a party.

    • its not about drinking or not.. its about not coming of as interested by potentially accepting an invite from him

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    • Guys like girls that go out of their comfort zone to do things with them. I would say go.

    • im not sure if you read the question or not, but long story short: im worried this guy im working with might like me, he asked me if i was going to this event aka the party, and im affraid that if i say yes and he asks me to go with him for example he will think i like him. I really dont like him, but at the same time we work togheter so yeah...

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  • It's best not to go.


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