What would you do?

You are watching the news and apparently there's a serial killer on the loose killing people with a hatchet. He/she is reported to be in your area and attacking victims at random. So far the police aren't able to track down the culprit, so what would you do in this situation? Oh I forgot to mention it's in the evening.

  • Go for a walk
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  • Stay inside and wait for the killer to come to you
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  • Hunt for him/her so you can get the $5000.20 reward
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  • The police will handle it
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  • Party cause you don't want to be alone
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wear my sexiest lingerie, stretch out on a garbage bin in the darkest, dankest alleyway in town and talk loudly on the phone until the killer finds me. Once he falls for the bait I'll use my black belt karate moves and poke my fingers in his eyes.
    While he's writhing in pain I'll draw out my samurai sword and cut his head clean off.
    I'll put the head in a UPS box and send it to Donald Trump's doorstep.
    Then I'll collect my reward and donate it to my local dojo.
    The End.

    I play too many video games ugh


Most Helpful Guy

  • If it's this guy you got me fucked up if you think I'm going to stay In the neighborhood I'm going to get in my car and get the fuck outta there I'm probably going to buy a bible and get some holy water while I pass by the church so I can be right with the lord because I know in these stupid movies that son of a bitch always ends up in the back of your car or something and its best to make God happy with you so you don't get cursed with that bad luck


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  • Put on my gear and prepare for battle

  • Go for a nice stroll.


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