GaG, why did this questions get deleted?

All names are going to kept anon for safety/security reasons. I don't want to compromise the person's account.

I want to know exactly why their question got delete when 1) It wasn't antagonistic in any way, and 2) It was the complete and utter truth.

Their main question was why is no one batting an eye lid about a racist hate crime against white people in Virginia.

A black and gay man shoots dead two white and straight people and no one gives a hoot.

No protests, no flag burning, no nothing... why is this happening?

I'm 100% sure, and the person who wrote the OP is right, that if it was a white straight man killing 2 black gay people, there would be out rage...

Double standards have gone too far.


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  • This question?

    Or one similar to it? I've seen a couple of questions on this topic so far and they haven't been breaking any rules.

    • It was another one. A guy posted a link to his thread, I tried commenting on it but it was deleted.

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    • Do GaG remove after only 1 report?

    • Any report made by regular members or by moderators is reviewed by the admins of the site, so if they get several reports on the same question or myTake then it's more likely to be removed. I don't know how often they remove after one report, but every report is taken into account and whether the post is permanently removed or reinstated is up to the admin who reviews it.

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  • I don't know... especially since Flanagan SPECIFICALLY said in his 23-page document that he was trying to kill white people and wanted to fan the flames of a race war.


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  • One of the biggest gripes with GAG is that there is never an explanation as to why something is deleted. All you get in your inbox in a one liner, "antagonistic" or similar. If only GAG could put a bit more effort into explaining their reasoning like they do into the rest of the site. An admin obviously made a decision, so justify yourself with an explanation. At least we will understand a little better.

  • Questions don't only get removed because they're antagonistic, it could have been taken down for a variety of reasons.

    Shootings seem to be happening every other day in America, not all of them get the same media coverage or attention, regardless of the races of the perpetrators/victims.

    • Well the Virginia shootings got a lot of media coverage, but no one wanted to say it was a hate crime, which it was.

  • There is definitely a serious double standard.

    • It most definitely is!

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  • I would suppose because GAG makes it clear that they don't like anyone stirring up hate.

    • But NO ONE is stirring hate here. It was a perfectly reasonable question to ask... sure, it's controversial, but it shouldn't have been deleted.

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    • Surely in a case like this, it's just sweeping a legitimate topic under the carpet. Are we all to PC and scared to talk about it?

    • Again I say, I don't go along with political correctness much myself. But the site finds it best to cater to wimps so there's that.

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