Do You Find Mechanics/People Working In The Car Repair Industry To Be Rude?

I am not saying that EVERY mechanic or every person working in the car industry (such as Auto Zone) are rude or bad people. I have met some really nice people... but I have also met some really sleezy, lazy and rude people as well.

-Like, last year, when my car broke down, I took it to a nearby mechanic. When I was trying to explain the issue to him, he kept getting slightly haughty with me. Then when he looked at my car, he told me the issue and pretty much told me to go somewhere else because he was busy.

-Or when I was in Auto Zone, I needed to get my yellow service engine soon light looked at. When I asked the guy to check it out with the code reader, he just looked at me hard and started asking me all of these questions. Then, he was like, "When did you get your last oil change" I said, "2 weeks ago" then he said, "Well, maybe they just forgot to turn off the light". I had to explain to him that the light just came on as I was driving. He finally decided to check it out after 5 minutes of back and forth (he seemed kind of annoyed that he had to do so).

I have also encountered mechanics that have lied to my face... when I try to make conversation with them, they never seem happy... I also recall trying to ask the mechanic how his day was (just trying to be nice) and he didn't reply and just simply told me it would take 2 hours to fix my car.

Again... this isn't all mechanics or car service people... but it seems like a lot of them are very pissy, don't really want to help people out or are very particular about the people that come through their doors. Seems like they lack basic customer service skills.

Has anyone else experienced this from car service people?

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  • i used to work for a auto parts store in the commercial departmet. and OMG, yes!!! rude ass people. mostly techs. but even the people that run the businesses are rude.


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  • Quite the contrary, the mechanics I've met have been disproportionately polite. However, given the stories I've heard from friends and family, I'm inclined to think I'm lucky.

    • Can I go to your shop XD

    • I am currently looking for a new mechanic. We'll see if my luck holds out. My previous mechanic retired. I feel like trying to contact him and telling him, "Please, work on my car. I'll pay you double."

      The man was always right about his diagnosis, frequently came in UNDER the estimated price, and did a whole lot of shit without charging me for it. Mechanic's Medal of Honor winner as far as I'm concerned.

    • I wish all the mechanics I have encountered were like this

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  • I have limited exposure to mechanics because I don't have a car but I have gone with other people to get their cars repaired and in fairness I found all the mechanics very nice.

  • Rude people work in every profession... not just car repair.

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