Whats up with this girl? Is jealous of me or what?

Okay, so there is this girl at my school. Everytime i walk past her she always tries to mean mug me, but i always laugh/smile at her when she does it lol. Every once in a while she tries to bond with me and stuff. But anywayss today we had a Pep Rally, so i was walking to find a seat in the bleachers with a friend, who is also her friend and we then found a seat which is with that girl, her boyfriend and other friends So when i got there she said " no you not sitting with us" and i asked her why. She never told me why she didn't want me to sit with them. But i still sat there anyway, because i dont care and she can't tell me where i can't sit lol. Plus when im around her boyfeiend she always pulls him away or try to get in between us. Lol i dont want her boyfriend if thats what she thinks. What is wrong with her? Does she got a problem with me? I never said or did nothing to her to make her do the things she do.


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  • she probs thinks her boyfriend will go after you or some shit


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