Can YOU tell what Zodiac sign I am?

I'll share a few details about myself and let's see if you can tell what I am...

I'm very interested in philosphy and religion. I'm one who tries to see the meaning in things.

I'm pretty decisive, sometimes impulsive. Occasionally, I'll need more time to think about something, but for the most part, when presented with two different choices, I'll want a quick run-down of each scenario and then make my decision.

I'm generally pretty scatter-brained. When considering the big picture about something, it helps me to write things down or draw it out. This is especially helpful at my job.

I don't like conflict. If I find myself facing a dissenting opinion or an unpleasant situation, I'll try to have more of a dialogue than a debate. I'll want to have a bold, but reasonable discussion. Occasionally though, I'll throw diplomacy to the wind and offer a more blunt response.

When it comes to women, I don't consider myself charming or suave. More friendly and formal. I'm pretty introverted, yet I tend to find myself more attracted to women who are independent and outgoing. However, I often can't tell if she'd be interested in a relationship or if she's single and loving it.

I'm a bit of a smartass. I can also be witty.

For careers, I've considered several different paths, among them law enforcement and investigations (with a special emphasis on terrorism or human trafficking), writing, teaching, and logistics and distributions.

So, I ask you... under which sign was I born?

No looking up the traits!
I will announce the correct answer tomorrow evening!
I... AM... A...(wait for it)... LIBRA! ALL of these things are true about me, even though they are also true of Saggitarius, Aquarius, and a couple of others that I read through.


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  • Either Sagittarius or Scorpio.


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  • Aries - dumb no can't be that

  • Are you the fish one?