What are friends?

I'm a 20 year old girl who loves in a small town. I go to yorku. I made friends but their not my friends because they never text me, call me, never ask if I want to go out with then... nothing. But, when things get bad they call me and I have to listen to them. I cut them off completely. I see people with friends. I try toake friends but no one wants to be my friend. I feel so alone that I just cry in my room. I am a very happy person, a good listener, go out for activities, go walking around but it's so unbearable. I only have my boyfriend and even sometInes he's s busy we barely see each other. Is there something wrong g with me? I am beautiful, I love to help people, I'm kind and honest. I am a very good friend. But no one wants to be my friend.


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  • People take the best people in life for granted all the time. I mean look at how some kids treat their parents. You are one hell of a good person and you should be proud of yourself. there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I'm sorry that you haven't meet other people like yourself, hopefully one day you will meet some one like yourself. And dont worry people like you still exists :)

    • Thanks! I really appreciate it.

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  • Those people don't know what a good friend is then.

    • I know. I went all the way to see my friend. It took me 2 and a half hours to get there.