I don't know what to do anymore I don't feel ok?

Me and my best friend had a really bad fight. The fight was about how we love each other but he had a girlfriend and I said yeah you do and you choose to date her over me and then I was crying for two hours and then at two am I tried messaging him and he blocked me and he iced in a different state so I have no other way of contacting him and i have trust issues and I don't talk about my feels and I confessed how much I loved him three weeks before all this happens and I trusted him completely and he was the only person I trusted completely and now I'm stressed over other things and my friend told me I look depressed and I am depressed and so the next day I makes my self throw up and I scratched myself until I bleed and I broke down and started crying in front of my friend and I've only ever did that once so that's saying some things. So what should I do?


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  • Maybe it's best to try and let this go for a while. Kind of... try to avoid thinking too deep into this so you can cool down. Being more relaxed feels better and helps you think straight. Along with this give him some time to do the same. Maybe he'll reply at some point. If you have no way of contacting him at the moment then move on. These things happen.
    Making yourself throw up or scratching yourself will not do you any good. If you need to release some energy or anger out of your body then do something like going for a fast run, lifting weights, punching something soft like a pillow. Things that won't physically hurt you.

    • Why no one gives a fuck about me all people do is just use me

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  • You should tell your parents so they can get you help.

    • They don't know I was talking to this guy no one knew I was talking to this guy and I hate talking about my feelings

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