Should I tell my friend how I feel before she goes off to college?

Okay so here are some little details. I've know her for 3 years if not longer. We met via a forum we both rolepayed on and after a while became really close friends. Video chatted very often, talked over facebook, and joked around. Well I guess in that time I develope some feelings for her, but I never said anything for several reasons. 1. She my closest friend. I can talked to her about things I can't with anyone else, so I'd hate to ruined things and make it awkward. 2. She's in Alaska and I'm in Indiana. Long Distance relationships were never for me. 3. I'm pretty sure the feelings are only one sided.

Any way she's going to be going to college pretty soon and has stated she may be too busy to talk like we have before. So it may be my last chance to say anything ever. Honestly I'm not lookng for a relationship I just eally want to get this off my chest if this is going to be the last time we get to talk, but I'm still not sure.

So anyone want to give me any advice?


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  • Do it.
    In all likelihood, she'll turn you down and you will feel like a piece of worn leather, but you will become a better man for it

    by the way , only do it if a relationship is feasible. If neither of you will move or etc, it likely won't work

    Good luck

    • I think I stated this in the question, but I don't want a relationship only to get it of my chest.

    • Ooh, my bad, shouldn't have been assuming like tuat

      Still do it though, but just be casual and light. If she is level headed, It will likely be a boost to her self-esteem

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