Help ! How to have fun?

Today I realised what prevent me from developing any kind of deep relationship with people and particulary with the opposite sex. I was talking with a bunch of super interesting and cute girls I see once a week, they asked me about what I do, what I like, and since it was the last time we met they asked me about my phone number. But you know what, our discussion was painfully awkward and I won't see them ever again.

I realised it was not the look, nor my clear lack of self-confidence (guys without these two attributes can still get a girl). I just don't know how to have fun.

You may wonder what I mean by that. Well, most people know how to enjoy being around other people, know how to joke or how to take a joke or make a witty come back. Most people know how to express their passions or what they like. And I have never learned how to do these. Having a terrible childhood I only learned the basic of self-preservation in a harsh psychological environment, how to hide your emotions, how to not stand out, how to stand strong or how to escape reality.

I wasn't prepare for this kind of life. How should I adapt? Will I ever get a girlfriend? Or should I seek out a lifestyle that suits me (I think I will make a good soldier). Don't mention therapy, just don't.


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  • Well, i say just be yourself, I mean I'm sure you have hobbies & interests that u like that u can share with people when the ask. Maybe ur overthinking everything & second guessing yourself, don't do it. :) You will get a girlfriend, just take a breather, relax, & don't overthinking everything. Overthinking so much can cause u to not have fun cuz ur so worried about what ur overthinking. If u just try to put all those thoughts away & just go with flow, u will be fine. If you try to be someone else, u won't come off as genuwine & fake, so that's why I say be yourself. :)

    When's the last time u feel u had fun?

    • Being myself is no good, when I do, I'm just gloomy and depressed or painfully awkward.

      I don't remember having fun with someone. I quit school 10 years ago, so I guess the last time I had fun was 10 years ago. I like to make people smile or to ensure they have fun and I like to break the rules, thinking outside the box, so I'm considering taking lessons for becoming a magician. But first thing first, I have to break my social isolation and find this "flow" you mention.

      Thank you for your comment, I feel the kindness in it.

    • Well, I'm Glad u found something interesting u want to try, I mean that's how fun starts. :) You go do a hobbie u enjoy & people will be there, so u will learn a new hobbie, while having fun & meeting new people. In this environment u are relaxed & having fun, so ur going with flow w/ everyone else & not worrying about being awkward or whatever. :) If its been 10 years since u had some fun, then ur wayy Overdue for some good fun, so go do it! ;) Your welcome, glad I could help :)

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