I feel guilty about lying to my dad, what do I do?

So tonight I went to a party with two of my friends with my mom's permission but not my dad's. I had no idea whether or not he knew about the fact that I went to a party (but my mom told me that he didn't know) so when I got home at around 2:15am he woke up and was like " how was the party? Were there lots of guys?" I told him that I didn't go to a party. Mainly because he isn't feeling to well (he has a really bad cold) and because I didn't want him to worry about me with guys (I only danced with my friends anyways). But I still feel EXTREMELY guilty and am considering telling him. The problem is, if he finds out, I'll never be able to hangout with the friends I hung out with today ever again (and they're my BFs) and I'll lose his trust forever. I think that I shouldn't tell him about tonight, but the next time I go to a party I'll be 100% honest with him because we're very close and I just can't lie to him (this is the first time I've lied to him). Any opinions on what I should do :s


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  • He already knows. But tell him and apologize for lying. Be sincere about it. I think it will go well and might even bring you closer.

  • Tell him and ask for a quickie punishment maby


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