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I want to hang out with this guy, but I am too scared to ask. He is my friend and I've known him for a little bit less than a year and I won't see him next year. It isn't like he is moving or anything, but he is going to another school because he is to smart for the classes at my school. I have been trying to message him, but he almost never gets them. It is either he doesn't get the notification or he has a game so he can't talk for an exuse or he broke his phone for about three months. He is althletic, so i thought about going to one of his games (contacting him or his mom/dad and ask if it is okay first), but they are in another state. My other friend offered to take me to his house, but i think that would be to stalker-ish. He is one of my best friends, but i feel like he is ignoring me or hates me and I just really want to talk to him. Any ideas on what to do?


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  • I am curious, how do you know he's your best friend and not someone who has been trying to date you?


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