I need help.. please?

I've been looking for answers but I don't know where else to ask , so hope you guys might help. So , My boyfriend is currently in phoneix , az Durango jail , I've been sending him post cards since April of 2015 , recently i received a letter & it had all my post cards.. Does anyone know why they would send them back to me? Even tho my boyfriend has read them..


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  • I dont know.. maybe he didn't got to read them and there was an asshole who sent it back.

    • Well he hasn't called me for 3 days now , and im worried. :/ plus , when he would call me he would tell me that he received my posts.

    • Maybe he got into trouble there. You could call the prison and ask. Also, is he allowed to get visit time?

  • Are you sure he read them


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