Tell me about a weird dream you had… How did you feel when you woke up?

I had a strange dream about my last two boyfriends… The most recent ex, wanted to prove to me that I am not over him and at the same time, he wanted to ask me back. He proved that I still liked him, by making out with my other ex. I was really confused and I woke up, wanting him in my life again...


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  • I was driver seat on a school bus but the steering wheel and paddles don't work there was a bus load of kids and I'm driving through a magor city and where going trough lights faster and faster untell then one light turns red a horns blow and I wake up

    • That sounds terrible! Did you have any strange feelings after you woke up from that fearsome dream?

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  • I wanted to buy a hotdog but they wanted 8,50€ for it and I took the hotdog and ran away without paying it

    • That sounds very interesting. But I agree… 8,50 euros for a hotdog is way too expensive.

    • And I felt amused as I woke up

    • I can imagine. That is pretty hilarious.

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