What is your favourite cake?

I am considering trying to bake (with the help of my mom of course) a dark forest cake, for my upcoming birthday.

@knight1986 gave me the idea (well sorta).

Never tried one bfore.

GAGers, what are ur favourite cake recepies?


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  • Lemon cake was my favorite cake. It's not too difficult to make and it has a light sweet taste. Sometimes I wouldn't put frosting on, other times I'd use vanilla or a lemon & vanilla glaze.


    My second favorite is funfetti cake. It's simple... and more vanilla :P


    Good luck with the dark forest cake! I don't eat chocolate usually, but the slice I had of that was really good. I liked the dark chocolate and cherry, great flavor combo. :)


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  • Hey!, what an awesome idea and my favorite cake yeah!! Have fun baking it, i know i did :)

    Hmmm, your birthday coming up soon, lovely... please let me know when. I can't miss that party.

    Enjoy the time with your mum :) :)

    • Thank you. I know I will

      Hope u and Syra had a good Saturday.

      I will let u know. Ok :)

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    • Thanks, lol,

      Hey wait a second, today is your birthday? right?

    • Yes it is :)

  • Sacher Torte is my favorite cake is a sense chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and covered in tempered chocolate to give it a truffle like skin. Served with lightly sweetestened whipped cream and a cup of coffee also known as Viennese cake

    • Yes. I tried it in Vienna. Loved it!
      Might one day try nd reproduce the recipy!

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    • Oh. Amazing
      Are u working as a chef/baker now?

    • Wish I was took other career paths but I do catering work for oil companies arctic camps.

  • I like German Chocolate

  • We have to make a GaG party : )
    Im thinking about the favoriite cakes, thats a difficult one...

  • I like marble cake


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