Am I the only one surprised to know that dustin hoffman is this short?

So I just watched "the graduate" and "rain man" lol and I just googled him later and it turns out he is only 167 cm, he looked kinda tall in graduate tbh lol


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  • Yeah, it's quite obvious he's really short - to me ad least.

    • tbh the guy has had quite a few lady fans during his time and he was playing the role of a young lothario in the movie, so it was hard to imagine him as so short lol

    • Well, charisma can take anyone pretty far in life and he's got it. =)
      I've seen plenty of unattractive tall men. Height is only a small part of the combination.

    • yup great actor and smart man :)

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  • His co-star in rain man isn't exactly tall either...

    • I don't remember ever being surprised by his height.

    • i thought tom cruise was 5'9-5'10'' but turns out he is 5'7'' too

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  • Wow and to think he starred with Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction. I thought he looked kinda small. Great actor nonetheless.

    • lol, will ferrell starred with kevin hart too, another few inches shorter. I guess the guy likes to boost his tall ego :P

    • It seems he does.

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  • I thought he was like 5'5 or so