What's your favorite song by Scooter?

  • Endless Summer:
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  • The Logical Song:
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  • How Much Is The Fish:
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  • The Night:
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  • Back In The UK:
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  • Rebell Yell:
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  • Nessaja:
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Endless summer!

    • Great, I'm glad you like it :D

Most Helpful Guy

  • "The Logical Song"

    xcellent cover and much better than da original in my opinion... it has a different vibe and it sounds more catchy than da original... so this ;)

    • I agree bro ;)

    • thanks :)

      2nd vote would go to The Night by the way.. :)

    • Great, that would be my choice too :D

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  • I've been listening to the logical song ALL DAY

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