Do you have any confessions to make?

Something that you have done here on gag...
I have a confession to make... I have been checking out a girl's questions bcz they are really stupid and they make me laugh everytime. I feel bad for doing that tho :(

Cmon people ! I know u got something u r hiding ! :p


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  • haha no need for feeling bad about that bro, I laugh at dumb people's opinion too
    okay I have to confess that I once peeked into washroom of my neighbour while she was taking a bath... don't ask what happened when she realised that I was peeking

    • Hahaha xD You just made me double curious by telling me to not ask about it. But if its personal or something like that its okay :)

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    • And you saw that...
      YOOOOOO that is nice !

    • Thanks :D

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  • YES... but I will only tell it to the priest! In fact, I will need to leave shortly if I want to beat the line...

  • I masturbated to a horse once.