Should I act like I didn't hear my roommates talk about me behind my back?

My new college roommates went out 2 nights ago and I came back early from the bar and they didn't know I was here. Well i over heard them talking about me and I'm not saying details but it wasn't positive and I walk past them today like I didn't hear what they said and they acted normal around me. I'm not changing who I am I just to please them but they don't like my personality and I haven't really talked to any of them since.


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  • I have a similar story dude, I heard that my girlfriend was talking behind my back with her cousin making hurtful jokes against me. My advice is to pretend like everything's normal, but if things get out of hand then maybe consider confronting them or changing your room.

    • Well I just quit talking lol like if they invite me out I'll say no and go out with friends I'll say no. I don't start conversation and when they talk to me I've kept it short.

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  • it might make things uncomfortable while you're still living together so maybe wait till when you move out to tell them F U.

    • Well I'm not confrontational.

    • I doubt I'll ever bring it up I just dont speak to them now and if they talk to me I'll keep it short.