Would you find it ironic for a military service member and/or veteran to dislike conservative politicians?

Just curious. I'm a US Army soldier who recently just got honorably discharged and for my beliefs and personality, I have a very strong dislike towards liberals and conservatives (even though they're the biggest supporter of us military veterans). I think both the conservatives and liberals are idiots with little common sense on what to really do with the country to help it bring itself back up. I ask this question because people seem to have this huge misconception that all of us military service members/veterans are conservative since conservatives are very pro-military.

The reason why I served was to actually do it for the US citizens and my country, NOT for the conservatives alone along with the rest of the crooked government harming my great country that I've fought for.

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  • I would if we lived in the 50's...
    Not today. =)


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