Is anybody else excited about fedors return to mma?


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  • Why now? Is he going to still be good? I mean how old is he?

    • he's 38 and that's not really old old for fighting. also he looks to be in the best shape since his late twenties and says he healed all his old injuries. ten years going undefeated fighting the best of the best is going to take its toll.

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    • i think that's the plan to go to the ufc. id still consider him top ten. hell its not like he's been gone that long. in the last four years he's had just as much time off as cain velasquez and people are still on his nuts.

    • Well yeah just based on skill alone he's easily a top ten heavy weight. I just hope he doesn't have any drop off. He's the greatest fighter of all time in my opinion. Better than Silva. Really? I didn't know that. Cain can fight though. He's at the top. The Fedor I remember seeing can beat him though.

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