Does he like me or is he using me?

There's this man I have known for over 3 years we have been talking. And this year since January we have been sleeping with Eachother. I have slept with other men too he said he doesn't want me to but as we was only friends with benefits I don't see problem. We stop talking for 2 months we fell out but saw Eachother out. I never ever talk to him first he has me the whole time I've known him when he stays we me he cuddles me all night long. He keeps asking about other men all time and keeps trying to make me jealous lately and he also asks me if I will ever love again. He asks me when do I want a boyfriend and he asks me things like what would make me like someone. He also said if I like someone I would make more of an effort and speak to them. He said to me he thinks I don't care about anything but he constantly keeps asking these sort of things. He said all my friends will get bfs and I will have no one to go out with anymore. So I should make more effort with men and want to see them more. I have a thing about being on my own he nos I love being alone. Do these sound like hints? He keeps asking me what I'm doing in the day but I say I'm busy. And lately he been doing things like cleaning stuff and other day without me asking he just went and fixed my wardrobe for me. Is he starting to develop feelings he asks me aswell all time not to sleep with other men

He also remebers every little detail of what I use to wear when I went out when I first met him. He remebers who I went out with and everything. I don't remeber anything. He remebers it all from all that time ago


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