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I was looking on Instagram today and was searching through the suggested photos, that pop up when you hit the magnifying glass. I clicked on one, and I went back to the search box, and when I went back to the photo I just clicked on, the account was made private.

So, on Instagram, do people know if you click on their pictures/usernames if you don't follow them?



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  • Well, If u double tap their pictures it will show them u liked their pictures but if your just searching their name & just looking at their pictures, they won't know. :) U can't see a person's profile pictures if their account is set to private, u can only request them, So other than that they don't know if u were on their account. Overall, I don't think they knew you liked the picture since it was private. :) Hope I answered ur question. :)

    • The photo didn't show up in the "posts you've liked" section, so I'm guessing that's good. Do you know if it's not there, did you not like it?

      Thanks & yes you did!

    • I'm sure your good. :) Im not completely sure but it's not there then maybe they took it off or something, so u should be good, don't worries.:)

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