Anyone else feels mental health"help" sucks?

I have been a mental patient for like 13 years now (since I was 14) In hospitals they treat you like shit, pump you full of medicine that doesn't so squat for your condition and you're like a zombie on meds for the rest of your life.

Family members just forget about you and you become a shamefull part of the famnily because you are "crazy" and then all your friend start giving you shit like " its can't be that bad balh fucking blah"

You ask online and all they tell you is "call 911 they will help you" Fuck no they won't help you just treat you like shit and again give you all kinds of unless drugs. Your quality of life is garbage and everyone looks at you weird. I might just be venting but anyone else feel this way too?


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  • I agree. Most people don't take mental illnesses/disorders serious enough.

    Even worse with doctors because most won't even truly talk to you and just throw meds in your face and then bill crazy expensive bills for things they didn't help with. -_-

    Trust me I feel your pain.

    • In m6y country is free thats a plsu I guess but I have been on treatment for 13 yeard 13 FUCKING YEARS and I still feel the same if not worse

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    • That's not true chicks will go for guys that are under an 8. Again in some girls eyes you are over an 8.

    • geeze you just made me feel worse thanks I'm gonna gonna go now thanks

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