Should I try and pledge for a black sorority?

My parents want me to pledge Delta but a part of me doesn’t want to for these reasons:

****Warning**** some of my reasons are shallow.

1) I don’t like being around only black people. I like to have a diverse group of friends.

2) I don’t like stepping anymore. I was on the step team for 3 years in HS and it wasn’t the best experience. I did enjoy stepping but I was often mistreated and overlooked because I didn’t act black enough.

3) I’m not really interested in black guys, I feel like if I join a predominantly black sorority it lowers my chances of meeting a guy I’m interested in. I like Asians :O

4) I'm interested in things other black people may not understand. For example, I like anime, rock music and speaking other languages, like German. My own mom thinks it's weird that I like music in Japanese and German.

I would like to be apart of a black sorority for these reasons:

1) I am black

2) It is a sisterhood

3) I’d experience a lot of different things

4) I could make great lifelong friends

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  • Maybe. Only you can decide...
    But I'm leaning towards 'no', just because you feel like you'd be trapped in this 'stereotype' of what a black girl should be - that's what it sounds like to me.

    Black people don't understand music and speaking other languages?

    • I never said that and I don't know where you read that in my statement.

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    • Thank you. =)

    • Your welcome :)

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