GAGers: What are your usual holiday traditions?

Whare some traditions in your family doring the holiday season (from Halloween to New Years Day). Usually on Thanksgiving my family is the one that prepares all food, and we take it down to our grandparents house for dinner. Christmas eve we bake cookies and other sweet goods and watch Christmas movies and open 1 present before Christmas. Christmas day we open all gifts and have a dinner at the grandparents and come home to rest. New years eve I just usually stay up to watch the ball drop on TV from Times Square. So what do you all do for the holidays? What are some traditions your family does? I know it's only almost September but the time is swiftly approaching.


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  • Basically I cook a big dinner so Thanksgiving is turkey and sides , christmass probably a roast or another turkey presents in the morning, New Years we really don't do anything one of us is always working. Easter is ham and hide eggs around the house. We don't have a lot of family so they come if they want and if their isn't some drama either that it's just friends and our room mate. I just like to cook food so I don't really care if people show or not more food for us. Lol pretty basic during the holidays.


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  • Too many traditions but family feast is always on top of the list!


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