What's Your Laugh of the Day?

(It doesn't have to be a fum humorous type thing.. it could even be ironic)

My laugh of the day is: Cheap people getting pissed at someone else for not wanting to spend a large lump sump of that someone's hard earned money.
Cheap person is at the store with co-worker. They both got paid the same amount of cash that day.
Cheap person (looking at a pair of hats): "Oooo this is too flyyy... but it's too dang expensive for my blood!" (puts it down)
Co-worker (picks up the hat, looks at the price and also puts it down). Cheap person notices in disgust.
Cheap Person to Co-worker: "Why u ain't buy that hat? "
Co-worker: "Nah, it's not exactly my style, you know? :) "
Cheap person: "Pffft no, u being cheap, that's what that is. This could be the last time u see that hat.. and u don't even want it cuz u don't wanna pay for it. You freaking cheap. I can't hang with chu no mo."

So yeah. My laugh of the day. What's yours?


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