You're in a restaurant when a guy comes up to your table and shows you a bunch of gold coins and diamonds. He then asks you would you?

Let's say you're on a road trip to go see a friend. On the way, you stop to get a bite to eat at a restaurant. A guy comes up to your table and shows you the gold coins and the diamonds are 100% flawless and the size of jaw breakers and he has a book bag full of them. They are owned by him and he shows you proof that they are legal and not stolen . He then makes a deal with you. He will let you have the whole bag if only you are willing to suck on his butt hole right now in front of everyone. and let his 2 friends record it and place it online... Would you do it?

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  • No I would not. I would rather have my dignity.

    • That's a lot to turn down.

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