How do I loose weight from my face?

Hey guys any idea how I can loose weight from my cheeks? I workout and I've always been thin but I have chubby cheeks that I don't like.


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  • Spot reducing fat is just as real as pure single muscle isolation exercises. This does not exist, as far as i am aware of.

    However, you can surely lose weight from your face by exercising to reduce fat. Reducing fat from your body will definitely play an impact on reducing fat from your face.

    Exercise your facial muscles so that it is easier to burn fat around those areas. Chew plenty of gum, try not to allow your jaw to rest. Chewing gum is very efficient and easy for working on facial muscles. search on google for 'face yoga' and you'll have plenty of exercises to do while even shaping and toning your facial features such as nose (bonus!)

    You must drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated so that your body will not be required to hold in water in it's storage so that your skin won't be bloaty and your face will appear much leaner! water retention ;)

    Consume very little sodium. Sodium is a compound that will often cause salt retention and will make you seem soft and chub-like. Eliminate sodium (combined with hydration) to get not only your face more leaner, but your whole body.

    There are face rubs/massages you can do that can diminish a lot of the fat from your face. You can search the video tutorials on youtube. It bascically is using oil and rubbing and massaging your face in a certain pattern/direction to flush the bloatiness out of your face and pushing it downwards to your neck. If done consistently, it is extremely useful and has been proven to have benefits.

    • Thank you so much ! 😊

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  • could be your wisdom teeth ;) xx


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  • I think you don't need to lose weight from your cheeks. And there is honestly no natural way anyway. Be content with yourself sister.

  • Overall fat loss is the only way.


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