The most annoying things people say/do?

I hate it when people take and wear my glasses and say, "Wow, you really are blind!" ... Well, no s**t! You don't see me taking a person's wheelchair and saying, "Wow! You really can't walk!"



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  • Things they say:
    -Why are you single?
    -Asking the same questions over and over again

    -Get impatient af then throw a hissy fit when they really haven't waited that long
    -Have a holier than thou attitude
    -Ask for a discount, receive their decent discount then ask for more. (Cheap fuckers)
    -Get mad at me when I don't reply (I got shit to do sometimes!)


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  • When people take and wear my clothes without asking.
    When people interrupt my naps.
    When people come at me from behind ( that's a bad idea )
    Ignorance, I mean I know it's not something everyone can help but still.
    When someone takes the last scoop of protein powder -face twitches-
    When someone takes the last cup of coffee and doesn't make more I mean who does that?
    When people insist on taking my love life into their own hands lol.

    Ok I'm done ranting lol.

  • I hate it everytime my girlfriend Farts during her orgasm N during sex.. Even when I go down on her... she farts... Well Fuxk me...