How to get a kitten to pose for a picture?

How to get a kitten to pose for a picture?

As you can see, this kitten is clearly posing in this picture but I can't get my own kitten to pose when i take pictures of him. Is there a special trick involved for this kind of things?


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  • Aww, he's sweet.

    He's not posing, though. He was in mid-meow (possibly a hiss ) when the camera snapped. The object is to always keep the camera near by for the unexpected. I would bet a buck the owner was going for a sweet pic and Mr Kitty wasn't having it; he went into ninja mode as the pic was snapped.

    The sheer unpredictability of animals makes them both a pleasure and a challenge to shoot (pics). Some of my best pics come when the animal stretches, turns his head, zaps out, etc.

    If you can get an animal to sit still, make high pitched noises while snapping the pic for that adorable head tilt. Play with a toy just to the side of the camera for that far-away deep in thought look. Distract him with dangling food just out of sight of the camera to get him to look in any direction you want. Be prepared to snap many pics before finding the perfect one.

    Good luck and have fun with it :)


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  • lol just use toys or food. or hold it close to ur face if u wanna get in the photo too :P


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