Anyone else have a nightmare last night?

In the nightmare I got everything I wanted, the girl I liked told me the she had feelings for me, me and my former best friend were on the road to mending our relationship, my peers at my high achool acknowledged me as important, I was making a difference in people's lives, and was on my way to becoming a successful writer. And now I've woken up and must once again face the reality that the opposite of all these things is true. Ever wish you just didn't have to wake up?

What about you guys, have any good nightmares lately?


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  • That sounds more like a good dream than a nightmare...

    • It's a nightmare because it will never become true, I wish I never had that dream.

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    • You really think that? This girl wound up not even responding when I tried asking her out, I despise my former friend and probably won't forgive him, my high school doesn't care about me and won't remember me for anything, I haven't made a difference in anyone's life, and I haven't started writing.

    • Why are you caught up on your ex though? There's too many girls in the world to be caught up on one that doesn't give a shit about you. As for your best friend, you can make a new one. You just need to put yourself out there. Also, it's never too late to write or make a difference in the world. Nothing's gonna just magically appear, you have to put the effort in to make them happen.

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  • Oh yeah I do have a nightmare every single night, Because I can't find my dick in my dream , That's killing me.


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  • That sounds more like a dream than a nightmare.

    • It becomes a nightmare when you wake up

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