How does these poem look it's close to my heart?

Understanding peoples feelings before they know
Knows when you need a hug
Intrested in what you have to say
Questions are asked to get to know you
You mean the world to them
They don't have to explain
But it shows in there personality.

Trying to make a poetry book let me know
What kind of poems woukd make my poetry book more publishable. Be honest but not harrase no rude comments.


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  • Well, there's typos, it should be their and interested and I think it should be know instead of knows. I have trouble with who the person is. I'm I the person in the whole poem or does it change to the other person at you mean the world to them. I've read this hundreds of times and its a thoughtful poem. I like dark and brooding poems

    • Is about these special guy is name is mike we have been talking at hang around d, together a lot waiting for re bus.

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