Did I get fired.. confused?

i work at a dental office, part time. i went on a vacation for almost a month. the Dr was fine with that and she told me to text her when i got back. i did text her the day i got back, which was 2 days ago. i still haven't gotten a reply back from her. should i be worried? is that her way of firing me? i don't understand? any opinions? thanks.


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  • Unless She is Now on a holiday as of Today, I find her behavior, rude and crude, and Most Unprofessional and Unacceptable.
    If you don't hear back by tomorrow, go straight to the horse's mouth Instead by marching down to the Office and find out by opening your own mouth, just what is Up?
    Ir could be she has been this busy beaver but it would have been only Right on her own part to have gotten back to you.
    I am not totally sure since you have been gone, if this is a sticky situation now with a horse of another color by them having Replaced your face, but Best to March down to the Main Drain of things to get the Info and to Know... If you have an oar to row.
    Good luck. xx

    • im a student starting school soon too. i don't really care if i got fired or not its just rude of her not to answer, i also didn't get my letter of recommendation since i thought i was going to be working there, it's strange though, cause she wanted me to work there even if it were just for a day. so that's why im confused as to why she didn't answer. . there's no reason not to.

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    • why did you unfollow me? i can't message you anymore?:( lol

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • That was only two days ago. I use to be a dental sales rep for Henry Schein and I can tell you that it typically takes us one week to get a response. RELAX


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  • Of course not don't be silly. You can't get fired without an official notice.

  • Go to the office or call..