Hey guys, how do you feel when you fall in love with someone and it seems that the person will never be with you?

I don't know if you guys have experienced this but me, I'm going through a great ordeal. It's been nearly a year that a girl and I got into a row and it ended badly. At first, I resented her but later it was of no use. Meanwhile she and I went to different environments; different jobs and lives.

Well, I never admitted for some months that I was in love with her. Then I went to a psychologist to explain my situation; he advised me to forget her and he told me that I am deeply in love with her. My friends too advised me the same thing but my heart is still not willing to listen.

I keep on lying to myself and to my colleagues that she's my girlfriend because in doing so I got nothing to lose and nothing to gain neither. Deep within I'm still having the hope of being with her but reality turns me down. The day before yesterday I sent a letter to her best friend and she warned me of closing that chapter once and for all.

I cannot forget her despite I'm willing to do so because there's no one like her. I looked for girld resembling her in terms of personality and appearance but no one could ever match her.

So you guys don't advise that I should be looking for other girls because I tried that and it didn't work.


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  • The main reason for not getting the person you love is that they don’t love you or might be committed to someone else. Think once from her point of view, you might not be the one she is looking for.

    Everyone has their choice, and they have all rights to choose the one they find interesting and loving to them. You can never force anyone to fall in love with you.

    The day you will stop crying for your love, you will start enjoying it.

    Good luck.

    • so... did it really happen to you that you fell in love in with a guy and it seemed that he will never be with you?

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  • I am in love with a woman who lives 1,220 mines from me. It has been a strong desire for around seven years to be with her. Usually love fades with time when you are not with the person. This is different and in all my sixty years I have never experienced this. It is preventing me from falling in love. I still date and sleep with women but it is not the same. We stay in contact as she also has a special love for me. Staying in contact is not the same as touching her, holding her, loving her, looking into her eyes and coming home to her every day. Moving is not an option for personal reasons. This really does suck and I do not have an answer.