Do we under estimate the meaning of pets in our lives?

I used to work on a suicide helpline and one of the triggers for people struggling to go on and feeling they had no one was this question:

'Have you got a pet...'

It always ensured silennt contemplation, and with it, made me fully appreciate the meaning pets have to so many


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  • For me, my angel helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. I was being bullied and had and eating disorder. My parents didn't understand and some of my only friends thought I was being over dramatic. He was the one who would greet me at the door and the one who would sit on my lap when I was crying. So yes, I believe that we do seriously underestimate pets.

    • As you know, you can just close your door and be alone in your room with a pet and just vent, or cry your eyes out if you need too.

      There is no judgement, just unconditional support making you feel much better

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  • some people probably do underestimate them. I know a few who did not grow up with pets and can't really relate to my storys of my cats or past pets. they don't think that it would enrich their lifes in any way.
    I will never understand that POW, they are such a joy to have and I could not imagine not having them (even if they are little terrorists sometimes). My future kids will always have pets. Kids with pets learn more about empathy and responsibilities much earlier than other kids.

    It is proven that elderly people life healthier and happier when they have a pet. It gives them something to do and companionship. Cats are especially "healthy" to have around, they lower blood pressure in their owners and just have a general calming effect.

    For depressed or lonely people they can really be life savers. We are social beings and need a purpuse in life. so even if life sucks and you see no point in going on, there is this little living thing, giving you love and needing you to take care of it.
    A perfect example of this, is the true story of Bob, a street cat who changed a mans life. (you should read the book, it's really sweet "A Street Cat Named Bob")

  • I never underestimate the meaning of my pets in my life. They are the glue that holds me together. No matter how bad of a day I am having, they are always there for me and HAVE to listen to me even if they don't know what I'm saying or don't even want to talk to me. The best part is, is that they do. My pets keep me at bay. I hope to always have a pet in my life.


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