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Here in Europe immingrants came illegally from Syria etc daily. I am not racist but I think they shouldn't be kept and promoted from Greece and Italy to sweden, Germany and UK. I think they should be sent back from where they came. Its pretty unfair providing home and shelter to other people when you can't do that for the homeless of Europe. I'm not racist but if they keep coming like that the white race will be vanished and especially blonde hair and blue eyes. I think they should be preserved. Other European citizens can't go to certain European countries but others from other continent that cross illegally can and get everything free. What is your opinion on this?


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  • I am in favour of open immigration. Anyone should be allowed to come (apart from people who are genuine threats to the rights of others, such as murderers, rapists, thieves, fraudsters, and citizens of enemy states). However, there should be no government welfare for immigrants (and it should be phased out for the people already here too).

    • But, concerning Syria specifically, I would say, yes, a ban on Syrian immigration would be justified or at least a ban on Syrian Muslim immigration, for as long as the Assad government and the Islamic State remain in existence, which would not be for very long under a proper foreign policy of genuine self-defence.

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  • Immigration? Well I support that (for Canada at least, we have so few people and so much land), immigration supports the working population. If the people are deemed suitable to the culture and are able to benefit the workforce/economy, then why not?
    Refugee is a completely different story, and a touchy one too.

    Both should have quotas though, depends on the country.

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