Girls/guys, what do you think about surprising my fiance with me being pregnant?

Ok, so he's been talking about kids lately. He's got a list of names already.
Well I'm thinking, we can both support a baby, (financially and we have an extra bedroom.)
How could I surprise him with this?
Don't give me hate or anything, it's my decision. And I know I'm ready for this...


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  • You'd better plan the moment together. Take an ovulation test and tell him when you're fertile.


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  • All I can say, @Stolhislastname, is Congrats!!!
    Sit him down, sit in his lap and ask him what plans you both have for the labor Day weekend, smiling sweetly? If he looks in your eyes and sees this Teasing twinkle, he will most likely be curious and Say: "Nothing much, why, babe?"
    Tell him that you are seeing sales for things that you would love to get, One of them being some 'Furnishings' for The... Extra bedroom.
    Good luck, take charge from there. xxoo


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  • I don't think you should surprise him with this. Just make sure he knows you're trying to have a baby.


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  • So you're NOT pregnant yet? Are you going to surprise him with the news or are you going to surprise him by tricking him into getting you pregnant?
    If you're tricking him you're a raging cunt. I hope he breaks up with you.

    • He'd love it if I got pregnant. Ok? You don't know him. ;) Thanks for calling me a cunt. Loved that. Especially since you don't know me.

    • You sound very mature. Good luck with the baby thing lol

  • I got pregnant at 22.

    This really is your choice. You're not an underage girl. You know yourself better than any other gagger as to whether you are ready or not.

    I think you should surprise him by ,
    telling him you have news.

    Stall and make it seem horrible.
    and then come out by saying you are pregnant.