Is Apple really worth it?

So if been needing a device for so long now. I've recently gotten a iPad mini, 2nd generation. I've only used it for less than 6 months, and already the volume buttons gotten flat! Sometimes, when I'm on an app, it literally freezes, and I press sleep/wake button a couple of times before it completely turns off. it's still in warrenty, but I really don't think it covers these kinds of things. I'm now regretting my purchase and I really don't know what to do. It's not an old model, recently the newer verisimilitude came out a few months after. I've also been thinking about getting the new iPhone, but after these issues started, after such a short time, but I'm slowly changing my decision. Did these things ever happen to you guys/girls?


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  • If you device stops functioning properly after 6 months take it to the apple store and they will fix it for free.

    Complaining about it but doing nothing about it makes no sense. It sounds more like you're trying to hate on Apple while having no real experience with their repair and return policy.

    I've had my entire phone replaced because the headphones jack was slightly loose.

    • Sorry, I may have seem like I'm ranting, but I'll try. But the nearest Apple Store (where I live) is like miles from here.

    • Hahaha, that's fair I suppose. :P

      For a friend to drive you, after you make an appointment through their online apple store. I'm in Canada so the link they show me is this:

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  • I've only had apple products for phone and tablet and I haven't had any problems with mine. Maybe you got a defective one.

    • Would you think I can exchange it for another one? Like 6 months after the purchase? PS, I'm using GAG on my iPad

    • Take it to the Genius Bar, tell them your problems with it and they will most likely just give you a new one to replace it.

      I've had my phone replaced before for free only a minor issue

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  • My 2005 iBook G4 lasted until 2012, with two faults: Battery wore out due to age, and logic board fault needed repair (I was able to do it myself)
    2010 MBP worked flawlessly until the end of 2014, which logic board fault caused it to reset if I was pushing it hard to play games. This is a model specific fault because of the way it swaps graphics cards.
    iPhone 4 still works perfectly and holds a good charge after five years apart from a tempermental Home button.

    Only Apple product I've ever had crap out totally on me was my G4 Tower, which blew a PSU and that cost more than the system was worth.

    IF they break, it can be expensive, but they are premium quality products and tend to reflect that in build quality in my experience.

    • What about flat volume buttons? Do you think they might fix it for free? Or for a small price?

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    • I have the online receipt, and since I got it from best buy, my purchase is saved. I've already got it synced too. My parents are thinking to take it to best buy, where they can send it to Apple, but I'll contact them first,

    • That's best... contact either Best Buy or Apple and ask them what to do with this fault six months after purchase. Hope you get it fixed fast.

  • Apple products are fast as fu** in my experience

    Make sure you haven't got unless things taking up your storage like pictures, apps, internet tabs.

    Android is full of viruses - androids system doesn't check for viruses

    But all apple devices do.. You can't get any malware or viruses on apple

    • Hmm, that is true, I agree. But it already started acting up a bit, so I really don't know.

    • See if you can get a new one maybe you just got a fuc**ed up one maybe

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  • I'm not sure which I have, but I also have an ipad mini. I got it last Christmas and I haven't had any problems.. :p

    The only problems I've had with an apple device is a 4s I had for... Like 3 years.
    (I have the 5s now and it works fine.)