Do you have any crazy roommate stories?


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  • too many! lmao!
    even with my new roommate!

    but last semester, my roommate brought back a girl on Friday, that i didn't see
    and Saturday night, i brought the same girl and she was like "i feel like i was just at this hall, it looks familiar" and i was like "yeah it looks like the rest lol"
    when i entered my dorm, she just stared at my roommate
    he started laughing and left the room

    it was cool we did our thing anyways, and then next weekend he brought her back again!
    everyone in the hall ended up calling us the hammer bros, cause we made a lot of noise and shared the same girl lol!

    oh another funny story, since the showers were communal it was separate from the dorms
    when i was showering my roomates took my keys towel and shower caddy, i trade chasing them but slipped butt naked in the hallway and was locked out!
    so i was screaming for them to let me in! but i was butt naked and everyone in my hall came out to laugh at me lol!


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