This is really crazy and disgusting and I don't do well when it comes to bugs!! help?

So I live with a family and none of the people I live with have done anything. Last summer when I moved here, I didn't have work, school or anywhere to go or anything. And now I have a job program and I'm in college now on top of that. So when I didn't have anything it didn't matter if I showered, when I slept or anything. Now it does. But anyways, for the past couple or few weeks, there's been ants in the bathroom that me and the daughter share. They get all over the walls, shower floor and curtains, near the window, shower floor, sink area, and now all over the toilet and the parts of/surrounding the toilet. Just about everywhere in there and there have been several nights where I saw or found at least one ant get on me or near me in my room. Last summer, it became a huge problem where I'd go days without showering and I had to sleep on the couch or stay up all night then come sleep in my room during the daylight when the ants were gone. And the ants aren't as bad in my room compared to last year *knock on wood* and now I think it's getting worse in the bathroom. They're all over the toilet now. I know I have to take care of myself and have good hygiene seen as I have places I gotta go, but how do I shower at this point? How do I use the bathroom? Do I need to pee or poop my pants when I need to or what? I'm really not good when it comes to bugs at all and it's sickening


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  • Why don't you just get an exterminator or ant spray? You could even use one of those bug bombs but you have to leave the house for awhile


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