How to hide scratch marks on leather sofas?

My cat was scratching on my mum couch this morning. And she made marks on it from her scratching. My mums going to be really pissed because those sofas cost her tons of money, its chesterfields. Anyone helpp?😢😢😢

here's a picture of it. Its really bad


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  • I've heard Olive Oil works well...

    • I dont think olive oil can fix this 😐

    • Hey itd be worth trying, can't hurt...

    • NO NO NOOO!!! Big mistake! Olive oil or any oil for that matter won't fix leather, but will deteriorate it faster.. Yes, it may make it feel and look suppler in the short term but will accelrate the deterioration time and screw you over in the long term.

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  • How to hide scratch marks on sofa? Easy, buy a new one. 😊

    • That sofa cost $2000😐

    • Lol I bet you're rethinking your decision of buying the cat now huh 😆.. That's why I don't have pets.. Well that and I'm allergic.
      The damage looks intensive, and you can't patch up leather w/o it being obvious and probably look worse. Only thing I can think of is use a beautiful throw Blanket.

    • I actually rescued her haha. Im just hoping my mum wouldn't notice it