Do you agree with this post about South Korea? cuz I do?

I totally agree with this post I found online. I should have read this before I got here. Korea is nothing like I've imagined. Koreans are the shallowest and rudest people I've ever met.

"Heavily overpopulated and polluted.

An endless war with the North.

Rude, harsh, aggressive people. Walking down the street is always an intense experience.

A fast paced culture where everyday you can hear people yelling "hurry, hurry!" in Korean language of course.

Extreme vanity and shallow egomania everywhere. People staring at themselves in mirrors constantly. Most women have plastic surgery and it's said that 15% of the men have plastic surgery too. It makes SoCal look non-materialistic.

A country that values money, power and fame above everything else.

Extreme racism/sexism/homophobia. The racism/sexism/homophobia of many South Koreans is on par with Nazi's. The only difference is that Koreans don't express it in violence, instead they express it through words and passive aggression.

Extreme pride. People won't move out of your way on the sidewalk or hold a door open for you, or show minor gestures of friendliness.

The vast majority of the people are stressed out and it shows.

There are a few good things about it too. Yes it has low crime. Job opportunities are good. Economy is good. But the bad outweighs the good by far.

I hope Korean people will someday take a look at themselves in the mirror and realize how they look to an outsider's perspective.

Of course Koreans who are well traveled or born in other countries don't act this way. I'm not being racist here, it's not about race. It's about the culture in South Korea. Take a Korean person out of South Korea and they usually loosen up a lot."


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  • I do romance novels pertaining to koreans. i look up mostly all i can about them. And yeah, you pretty darn right. These wonderful places and fun people fir example Seoul. and there ulzzang plastic surgery, is a tradition after they graduate. Is not cute or fun. I seen how a white male lived korea on YouTube and boy he had a bad experience. But koreans show how its like there its like fun and games. I agree.

    • Tell me about it. All girls are fake.

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    • I've been here since June. it is horrible place to live.

    • Ouch!😖 sorry to hear that. you'll think with their shy nature thatll be understanding. I was planning on going to korea myself but if this how they treat you. Never mind. Ill just like them at a distance. Besides in some aspects they westernize themselves anyway. May i ask what got you interested in going in the first place? Please. Im interested and curious.

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