I wake up feeling like a failure almost everyday?

so lately i have been feeling bad about myself, i feel like im failing in pretty much everything and its hindering me in doing my best and just being happy.

I moved just over three weeks ago, i started uni, i got some friends, i got my own apartment and you would guess everything would be fine. I feel like it should be enough, but i wake up feeling bad about myself almost everyday..

I can't seem to be able to consentrate enough to read and do school work on a regular basis, im bad with money and after paying my rent i barely have anything left to do other stuff, no guys that i find attractive seems to be interested in me, my cat i had for 9 years is dying, my hair so super dry and im not sure what to do about it, and i deep conditioner it on a regular basis, i dont really sleep well either, and i just feel like im failing at pretty much everything.. the only times i dont feel like crap is when i work out or when im with my friends.

I dont know what to do, it keeps on getting worse.. Any advice?


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  • My advice for you is to sit down in a quiet space and take an honest look at yourself. Not a critical look, but a genuinely reflective look at who you are, who you want to be, and what you want your life to feel like. The first thing you should do is change the way you talk to yourself. I get the impression that during your internal dialogue, you borderline bully yourself and critique your existence in a way that takes away from your self-worth rather than adding onto it. You also need to start being gracious with yourself. Be kind and patient with yourself instead of rushing your growth process.

    Start with a small change that can make a big difference: Affirmations. :) An affirmation is a positive truth about yourself. You need to stop cultivating the negative thoughts of yourself and start nurturing more positive thoughts. Pinpoint everything about yourself you appreciate even in the slightest. Maybe it's a certain body part, habit, or craft. Focus on how that trait is positive and how it can be a resource for others. I've found it helps to work out listening to spoken word or Ted Talks. What you put into your mind is crucial. No more putting detrimental self-thoughts into your daily habits and actions.

    Think Problem:Solution not Problem:... problem, problem PROBLEM!!!
    -If you feel you are not making enough money, then seek a job that pays more.
    - Your cat is dying and while that's sad, it's not so bad that he/she doesn't have to deal with the chaos that is this world anymore.
    -Experiment with different hair products. Try using more natural ingredients like Moroccan Argan oil or maybe you are washing your hair too much and it's drying your scalp.
    - If you have trouble sleeping, then invest in some melatonin or craft a better sleeping environment. Listen to music with the sounds of nature or play some French jazz with rain in the background, try sleeping with a gel mask that you had put in the fridge all day to cool, or burn an incent as you're falling asleep.
    - When it comes to schoolwork, it's best if you just try to get excited or passionate about the topic. Try to be enthusiastic about the fact that you are receiving a collegiate education. That's a gift that many people are deprived of.

    • Seriously, don't worry about guys being attracted to you. They come and go. Most of them are disappointment wrapped up in a hot body, great smile, and awesome hair. It's best to fall in love with life, fall in love with yourself, THEN fall in love with a man. Otherwise whatever romantic connection you build is bound to eventually collapse sooner or later.

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  • Why not be friends with someone on gag
    Let them buck u up and be your support till u sort your life out, sometimes life can be really challenging and all it takes for u to get out of this mess is a stranger who u can rely on


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