For guys who are into short girls, is there something as too short for you?

I've been told that a lot of guys like short girls, but I'm still insecure because usually, I tend to be shorter than the short girls and I look younger than 19 because of my shortness and the fact that I'm slim. I always feel like if guys around my age see me, they'll think of me as a kid since I'm petit. I'm 4'9 and I'm also pretty skinny and I'm wondering if that's just too short for guys, even the one's who are into short girls? Like for the ones who are into short girls, what's your limit to how short a girl could be?


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  • realistically, I don't think too short exists for a lot of guys. 4'9 pfft you're fine :P

  • ❤️ I lovvveeee petite girls. You're never too short. Perfect for me! I'm 5'8" and slim too and sometimes I hear all these girls saying how they love 6 foot and above blah blah lol


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