What is there to live for if you're ugly, broke and hated by everyone?

I dont mean this to get pity I just want to know if life is worthwhile if you are ugly, lonely and too stupid for success. Yes there are ugly people who noonw would be attracted to so no "everyone is buautiful" crap please we all know fat people are gross, too skinny people are fucking nasty (like me) and some people are ugly as hell (also me) then there is sucess I suck at everything I wanted yto skateboard professionally but sucked at it, I wanted to become an engeer but failed college 6 times and can't afford it anymore I work at mcdonalds and life with my parents. I tried bulking up at the gym but the eating is too expensive and I only make lik 300 bucks a month and dont wqulify for food stamps because I live with my parents. girls dont like me bacsue of my looks (yes they have said this too me) I tried dating ugly fat girls but I couldnt stand the fact of kissing them or let alone have sex with them. what is there to live for?


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  • Change your life and quit complaining

    • I've been fucking trying you dumbass

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  • Hey man, nobody is prefect I to am a "ugly awkwardly skinny but still have a gut guy" but even tho I am ugly and not that smart you can't just give up. Everyone has a different point of few. Think about it if ur out with some buddies and they are all over a girl because they think she is hot and ur like bro that girl is ugly as fuck. No offense but girls do the same thing that is how I got all my previous girlfriends and current girlfriend. Are girls want to see is a confident nice guy that is willing to provide and take care for them. Just change ur mindset u don't have to change your self. Good luck but u will find the right job right girl and the right way to live in the future.


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  • Your living for yourself. You basically keep fighting because no one ever said life was freaking easy. Try doing something in manuel labour as they pay more thn minimum wage. Then with that money, join a gym. Then after you have saved up money then go get your own apartment.

    • I do go to the gym and I work mcdonald and can't find another job NO job not even papper boy job or any crap job like that things are really rough in puerto rico

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    • Well no wonder your life sucks, your attitude could se some work.

    • oh yeah good thing will happen if I only imagine them Oh golly! can't wait!