What question would you ask these 'people' if you had the chance?

1. A Professional Assassinator
2. A Centaur
3. Your Future Self (20 years older)
4. The Dad and Mom of your grandparents
5. That One Alien you see collecting sheep
6. A Drug Addict who got clean
7. A Swordsman who uses a broken blade
8. A prisoner who's been released when turning out to be innocent (locked for 20 years)
9. The God Of War
10. The Voodoo Head in the Knight Bus ( Harry Potter! )

Take your time and have fun! :)


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  • 1 Can you teach me?
    2 Why are you all archers? xD
    3 What should I do, what should I not do?
    4 How did you raise your kids?
    5 You know that is illegal, right?
    6 How are you feeling towards addicts?
    7 Why?
    8 Ehm... How much changed?
    9 Favorite weapon? :p
    10 Can I ride the bus plz?


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