Why does the media constantly try to lay responsibility for the 'migrant' crisis on Europe?

I don't see why it's Europe's job to make room and cater to everyone from north Africa and the middle East who wants to benefit from the social welfare programs offered by northern European democracies. Where are their home countries? You can bet that if European refugees were clamoring to get into north Africa, the north Africans would be machine-gunning them in their boats.


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  • they always want to find someone to blame.


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  • the united states, and its government shares the blame for bombing endlessly these countries for years. YEs Hungary is doing the right thing bu closing its borders. ITs outrageous the rich gulf states don't take any migrants. IF they don't close their borders they will continue to exploit the welfare state offered by Germany Sweden. most migrants are military age men, and many don't have Syrian papers which makes me think, if they are economic migrants as posed to refugees, and if there might be some ISIS infiltrators among them. Furthermore to add to the problems, is their religion is intolerant of other religions and seculars. So I think Hungary made the best decision today.


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  • 1. As Europeans, it is our humanitarian duty to protect people who need protection. Particularly the very weak ones such as women and children.
    2. I'm continental European myself and I can tell you: I'm so fucking tired of right-wing assholes in Europe being all hostile towards these migrants and people who seek asylum. It is us, the wealthy nations of the world (central/northern Europe and North America) who have been ripping off these countries for centuries. And the SAME exact people who are now whining about the migrants are the ones who have always been supporting the capitalist system and the 21st-century imperialism that fucked up all these countries. We, the western world, steal these countries ressources and become wealthy with it. In return, we send them our chemical waste and our electronic trash. Huge corporations such as Coca Cola are spending millions in Africa and central Asia to privatize ground water, bottle it up and sell it to western countries (letting the local people simply die away). We support crazy dictators and even make business with them. We sell terrorist groups our weapons and later complain about terrorism. Europe has been treating Africa like shit for decades, just like the US has been treating middle and south America like shit and now the rich people in their comfy armchairs get all scared about the Africans coming and taking back their fair share. How messed up is this?
    And the whole thing is also ironic because those people who are currently protesting against the immigrants are those who'd be the first people to move to another country if their own country wouldn't be doing well.

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